Frenlo is still in early beta. This is a draft version of our community safety policy.
Please let us know if you have questions or concerns.

Community Safety

We built Frenlo because we believe that human communication could use some help, especially online. We have rules to keep our customers safe and ensure our platform isn't creating undue harm to the world.

If you want more information on how we created this policy, you can read more here.


Content that is not allowed

You may not use Frenlo to share, distribute, or link to content that contains:

  • Sexual exploitation, including and especially of children
  • Terrorism or violent extremism
  • Threats of violence against an individual or group of people
  • Non-consensual sexual content, including nudity
  • Hateful conduct, including hate speech
  • Revealing private information about someone without their consent ("doxxing")
  • Targeted abuse or harassment
  • Promoting or encouraging suicide or self-harm
  • Interfering in civic processes, such as elections
  • Impersonating a person or organization
  • Manipulated or synthetic media that is likely to cause harm
  • Violating intellectual property laws
  • False information about a crisis, disaster, or public health event
  • Spam, malware, spyware, phishing, or fraud

Content that may require context

Some content that people share may be misleading, disturbing, or shocking.

In these cases we may need to add a warning, confirmation, label, or other information to make sure users understand what they are seeing or about to see.

This may happen on content that is:

  • Satire or parody that could be misinterpreted as real
  • Scientific or medical information that is outdated or misleading
  • Consensual sexually explicit content or nudity ("NSFW")
  • Shocking, disturbing, or violent content ("NSFL")
  • Related to a public official or election
  • Manipulated or synthetic media

Accounts that may require context

Some accounts may need to be labeled to ensure our users understand the source of the material they are posting.

This may happen on accounts that are:

  • Public officials
  • Candidates for public office
  • Governmental organizations
  • Lobbying organizations
  • State-run media
  • Appear or purport to be affiliated with the government but are not

Other restrictions

You may not attempt to circumvent an enforcement action in any way – such as by signing up for another account, deleting and reposting content to avoid a label, or using an account owned by someone else.

You may not sell your Frenlo account to anyone else and you may not register a username or account for the purposes of selling it, transferring it, or preventing someone else from using it ("cybersquatting").

You may not do anything that could interrupt our ability to provide our services, such as hacking our apps, servers, or other infrastructure.

Possible Remedies

There are a range of possible remedies we may apply if a user experiences abuse, harm, or harrassment on Frenlo. We will work with that user to provide support and to find ways to help them feel safe again on Frenlo. These remedies may include:

Content Removal

We will remove content that is in violation of our rules.


An account may be suspended from Frenlo for serious or repeated violations.

We understand our responsibility as stewards of this community. When reviewing accounts to determine if they should be suspended, our community safety team will work with users that experienced harm from the violating account to determine whether suspension is appropriate and for what period of time.

Source Restriction

If content from a website or group is found to be the source of multiple or serious violations, we may restrict or prevent sharing of other content from that source.

Source Labeling

If a website or group is found to repeatedly provide misinformation, we may label any content shared from that site as potentially untrustworthy.


If you've encountered content in violation of our rules, please report it. You can report the content in the Frenlo app or email [email protected].

If you have comments about our community safety policy, please email [email protected].